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    More about Vodka

    Vodka has long established itself as a favourite of new and experienced drinkers alike. With its ability to be mixed with virtually anything while also being highly drinkable on its own, it’s no wonder that its popularity is so universal. One of vodka’s great advantages is that it can be made from virtually any product which can be fermented to make alcohol. While most modern vodka is made from grain cereals such as wheat, rye or corn, more exotic varieties have utilised ingredients such as sugar beet molasses, potatoes, milk, figs and maple syrup. Virtually anything high in starch or sugar will do the trick. Yet the best premium vodka isn’t solely defined by its ingredients; the distillation and filtering process are also key factors in ensuring a high-quality beverage that’s crystal clear and smooth on the palette.

    Here at BevMart, we’re the ideal place to buy vodka online in Australia. All of our products are intended for both experienced and novice drinkers alike. Elegance Vodka is a super-premium vodka that will bring sophistication to any occasion, while our Cheeky Vodka range is ideal for those looking to experiment with bold new flavours — on ice, with soda or incorporated into a delicious mixed drink. No matter your vodka needs or desires, BevMart has the drink for you.

    What percentage of alcohol is in vodka?

    Vodka typically features an alcohol percentage of around 40%, though some flavoured varieties will be slightly lower. Additionally, some brands will produce vodka with higher alcohol content, sometimes as high as 95%. However, 38-40% remains a good yardstick when looking to purchase vodka locally.

    What are the best ways to enjoy vodka?

    In contrast to darker spirits like rum, whisky or bourbon, vodka is not typically known for its strong flavour. Although it does have devotees who enjoy drinking it neat or on the rocks, in Australia, it is more commonly used as a basis for mixed drinks and cocktails. All of these options have their charms — the range of vodkas that we stock at BevMart are designed to be enjoyed equally well, no matter how they’re drunk — so we encourage you to experiment and discover which style you enjoy the most.

    From the wide selection available at BevMart, how do l choose the right vodka for me to buy?

    One of vodka’s great advantages is its versatility. Here at BevMart, we stock a range of premium vodka and flavoured vodka to cater for a wide variety of tastes. If you’re looking for something to mark a special occasion, a bottle of Elegance vodka will serve well. And if you’re looking to branch into vodka for the first time or are looking to experiment with new flavours, the Cheeky range offers a broad palette of taste sensations.

    How can I ensure on-time delivery if I order vodka from BevMart?

    When you buy vodka online, delivery in a timely fashion is critical. At BevMart, we endeavour to get your delivery to you as swiftly as possible, no matter where you are in Australia. For metro locations, we offer delivery within 2-5 business days, while for regional areas it should be 3-8 business days. We aim to have your premium vodka arrive with you as soon as possible.

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