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    Twisted Shaker cocktails are an award-winning mixture of quintessentially crafted recipes and twists on classics. Crafted to be perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness. All you need to be is simply shake, twist, pour. The Twisted Shaker range of bottled cocktails brings the delicious flavour of classic cocktails to your home with none of the accompanying hassle of having to make them from scratch. After all, cocktails can be a daunting prospect; though there’s no need to be equipped with the ability to juggle bottles or carry out similar tricks within your own home, cocktail making is a subtle art form, and many are put off trying more mixed drinks simply by virtue of its complex nature. But good news is at hand — whether you’re totally new to the world of cocktails or are a longtime cocktail connoisseur, now you can enjoy them without all the attendant hassle of tracking down obscure ingredients, or risking getting it wrong at a key moment.

    Designed to be served straight from the bottle, the Twisted Shaker range is a pre-mixed selection of alcoholic beverages, encompassing an exciting range of both classic cocktails and exciting new twists on old favourites. They’re ideal for pouring straight from the bottle, or alternatively using them as a basis to experiment with and showcasing your own mixing talents — the choice is yours. The Twisted Shaker range of pre-mixed cocktails is the perfect — and easy — way to get bar-quality drinks in your own home.

    How should I serve drinks from the Twisted Shaker range?

    One of the best features of the Twisted Shaker range is that little to no preparation is required ahead of time. Chill the bottle beforehand if you’d like, but otherwise, they can simply be shaken in the bottle and poured over ice into your preferred cocktail glass. Additionally, if you’re looking to develop your own mixologist skills, the Twisted Shaker range can be a great place to start. With a pre-made cocktail already in place, you can use it as a means to experiment, by adding your own ingredients and creating your own variants.

    What ABV are the drinks in the Twisted Shaker range?

    The Twisted Shaker pre-mixed cocktails range in ABV from 12% to 30%.

    What sort of cocktails are featured in the Twisted Shaker range?

    The Twisted Shaker range is for both longtime cocktail connoisseurs and those new to the world of mixed drinks. Accordingly, the flavours are catered to a variety of classic drinks, while also featuring subtle new twists on old favourites. At present, the range consists of Old Fashioned, Cucumber Gin Gimlet, the Raspberry Hibiscus Cosmopolitan, Vodka Espresso Martini and Tequila Margarita

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