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    Coventry Estate's award-winning gin, sources only the finest botanicals in order to achieve the most extraordinary aromatics and complexity in flavour. Gin is one of the most versatile spirits on the market, thanks to its wide variety of subtle — yet powerful — floral flavours, derived from juniper berries and all manner of other botanicals. Sold exclusively by Bevmart, the Coventry Estate range of gins evokes the rich history and heritage of gin, while also highlighting a range of more recent developments in this bold style of liquor. An ideal range of beverages for new or experienced gin drinkers alike, Coventry Estate is hand-crafted in Sydney by dedicated fans of both the craft and the drink itself.

    What is gin?

    Gin is a clear spirit with a distinctive flavour that’s derived from juniper berries, and usually a blend of other botanicals. Originally developed in Holland, it quickly spread to England where it became the drink of choice for several centuries. Recently, it’s enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, as drinkers all over Australia rediscover its subtle botanical flavours.

    What’s the alcohol percentage range in Coventry Gin?

    Most of the Coventry Estate range of gin features ABVs of 38%. However, the Navy Gin is stronger, with an ABV of 48%.

    What styles of gin are featured in the Coventry Gin range?

    The Coventry Estate range currently includes four different styles of gin — Pink Gin, Navy Gin, Dry Gin and Australian Botanical Gin. There’s a flavour for everyone, no matter your prior experience with gin. Each variety offers its own unique characteristics; Pink Gin is an ideal jumping-on point for those new to gin, with its slightly sweeter flavour and unique use of bitters. Navy Gin provides drinkers with an extra experience of weight and boldness enhancing its distinctive flavour. Dry Gin is perfect for drinkers who prefer something less sweet, but still highlighting the unique botanical flavours found in gin. Last but not least, Australian Botanical Gin offers a local twist on the traditional gin style, incorporating a variety of native botanicals to create something refreshing and new.

    What is the best way to serve Coventry Estate gin?

    One of the great features of gin is its versatility. Though it’s best known for being drunk neat, over ice or as part of a gin and tonic — and all those options come highly recommended — gin also makes an excellent choice as a base for a cocktail. Gimlets, martinis and more all feature gin as a staple ingredient. But whichever way you experience it, gin is a spirit that’s both subtle and rewarding. The underlying botanicals reward repeated sampling, helping you develop a greater appreciation of the craft involved in distillation. Yet the impact is also immediate, enabling you to enjoy any of the flavours across the Coventry Estate range at the moment too.

    How long does delivery from Bevmart take?

    When you buy from the Coventry Estate range at BevMart, we’ll ensure that your delivery arrives safe and sound as soon as possible. Refer to our delivery information page for more details.

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