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    More about Champagne

    Developed by some of the finest Champagne Houses in the world over the course of centuries, champagne has moved beyond its origins as a curiosity from a corner of France to become a drink that is inextricably linked with festivities and celebrations. Best known for its delightful effervescence, delightfully light flavour and expansive bubbles, champagne will brighten any social event. The best premium champagne is also an ideal drink for cellaring — enabling you to make that special occasion even more special with a vintage bottle. That’s why at BevMart, we stock the best premium champagne for your drinking — and celebratory — pleasure. We seek to provide you with some of the finest champagne that France has to offer; across our extensive range, we’ve aimed to provide a diverse selection which will please both the champagne debutante and experienced en tirage alike.

    Bevmart’s Mod Sélection range stems from the exclusive enclave of the Vallée de la Marne, drawing on the expertise of five generations of growers to create the finest possible champagne experience. Exclusively available in Australia via Bevmart, we see Mod Sélection as integral to our range of premium products, designed to bring a taste of the world to Australian palettes. Browse around our range today to discover a world of new drinking experiences.

    What percentage of alcohol is in champagne?

    Champagne typically features an alcohol percentage of around 12% — slightly lower than most red wines, but with its subtleties slowly released via its effervescence upon sipping.

    How long can l keep champagne before opening it?

    When storing champagne, it’s important to ensure that it’s kept safely out of sunlight, at the appropriate temperature and upright to retain its effervescence. As a general rule, non-vintage champagnes can be stored unopened for three or four years. Vintage champagnes can be stored for a longer period — from five to 10 years. It’s also important to remember that like any wine, champagne will undergo changes to its characteristics as it ages; some of the bubbles will dissipate and the colour will slightly darken.

    How can I ensure delivery is on time if I order champagne from BevMart?

    When you purchase champagne online from Bevmart, we guarantee swift delivery throughout Australia. For metro locations, we offer delivery within 2-5 business days, while for regional areas it should be 3-8 business days. We aim to have your champagne delivery arrive with you as soon as possible.

    What are the best ways to enjoy Champagne?

    Before drinking your champagne, it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place rather than in your refrigerator. Before serving, it should be stored in a bucket of ice to allow for chilling, then poured into champagne flutes to ensure maximum effervescence.

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