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Premixed Cocktails

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    More about Bottled Cocktails

    Cocktails have enjoyed a tremendous resurgence in recent years, as new drinkers discover the old world charms of these exotic and delicious beverages for the first times, and experienced drinkers rediscover their past pleasures. It’s an exciting time to be a cocktail enthusiast — or to be taking your first steps into the world of cocktails — as classic recipes are revived and new recipes make their debut.

    But as wonderful as they are, cocktails aren’t always the most convenient drinks. They require keeping your cupboard well-stored with all sorts of specific — often niche and expensive — ingredients which may have little other application for more regular drinking. They’re labour intensive and easy to make poorly if you’re not an expert mixologist — defeating the purpose of creating them at home in the first place. And choosing to buy cocktails when you’re out and about can also become very expensive very quickly.

    The good news is that bottled or premixed cocktails can provide both a viable and delicious alternative to doing things. Able to be served on their own or to serve as a template for you to create your own unique spin on a classic, bottled cocktails are ideal for the aspiring mixologist and the keen cocktail fan alike.

    What is a bottled cocktail?

    Bottled cocktails are a premixed alcoholic beverages, designed to be served straight out of the bottle. If you’re keen on cocktails but don’t enjoy the often labour-intensive process that goes into creating them, bottled cocktails are an excellent alternative. You can drink them on their own, straight from the bottle — or alternatively, use them as a springboard to showcase your own mixing talents.

    How should I serve a bottled cocktail?

    The great thing about bottled cocktails is that they can be served straight out of the bottle — just chill beforehand, give them a shake, then pour them into the right glass over ice and add a garnish to create a refreshing cocktail experience. However, if you’re feeling experimental you can also use them as a template for creating your own version of a classic.

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