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    Drake and Brent Hocking, founder and creators of the original Deleón tequila, Virginia Black Whiskey is a personally selected collection of two, three, and four-year-old bourbon whiskey focused on a high-rye content and finished with a decadent profile. Virginia Black Decadent American Whiskey is now available in Australia exclusively through Bevmart.

    Is Virginia Black limited edition?

    While Virginia Black is not a limited edition whiskey, it is still very much a collector’s item. The distinctively styled bottle evokes the glamour and decadence of 70s nightlife and is sure to serve as a conversation point. The dark liquor features a distinctive, yet subtle, flavour profile which has earned it positive reviews around the world from satisfied whiskey aficionados. Now, you can purchase Virginia Black in Australia and experience its distinctive flavour for yourself.

    What inspired the collaboration of Drake x Brent Hocking?

    Originally launched in 2016, Virginia Black was the outgrowth of a meeting between world-famous entertainer Drake and luxury liquor mogul Brent Hocking. Drake was looking to expand his brand into new terrain, and Hocking had previous experience working in the beverage space with his prior product DeLeón Tequila. After a couple of years of friendship and discussions, the two men realised that they could bring whiskey to a new audience, beyond traditional whiskey fans. The end product of Drake's new whiskey collaboration with Brent Hocking was Virginia Black; a personally selected collection of two, three, and four-year-old bourbon whiskey focused on a high-rye content and finished with a decadent profile.

    What is the alcohol percentage of Virginia Black?

    Virginia Black is 40% ABV (80 proof), lending it a smooth and complex flavour profile without the underlying alcohol ever becoming overpowering.

    Is Virginia Black exclusively sold at Bevmart in Australia?

    Virginia Black is now available in Australia, exclusively through Bevmart. To find out more about where to buy Virginia Black, subscribe to the Bevmart newsletter and discover where you can experience its unique flavour for yourself. Delivery is also available Australia-wide — so we’ll be able to ensure you get your bottle of Virginia Black as soon as it launches.

    Does Virginia Black only come in 750mL?

    At present, Virginia Black is only available in one size. The unique bottle is integral to the style and mood that the drink is intended for, making for a distinctive collector’s item on your shelf.

    How should Virginia Black be drunk?

    Virginia Black is best enjoyed in several ways — it can be drunk neat, on the rocks or as the defining element of a decadent cocktail. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to enjoy the smooth and subtle flavour sensations contained within this dark amber liquid.

    Is Virginia Black’s taste more for seasoned whiskey experts, or is it palatable for the novice drinker?

    Virginia Black is intended for both novice and experienced whiskey drinkers alike. The smooth flavour profile means that it’s ideal for drinkers who haven’t necessarily delved deep into the world of whiskey but are looking for a way to explore it further. It’s also ideal for use as the basis of a cocktail, meaning there are multiple ways to experience it for the first time. Additionally, the subtle sweetness and complexity beneath the surface mean that it will be a new experience for more experienced aficionados, while still holding true to traditional whiskey flavours.

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