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    More about Elegance Vodka

    Elegance Vodka is an exceptional drink for both the experienced vodka fan and for the new drinker alike. Distilled in Australia from Australian grapes, Elegance marks itself out from its fellow spirits as a sophisticated beverage of the highest quality. Stored in a bottle made of pure, lead-free crystal, Elegance Vodka makes a profound statement both on the shelf and in your drinking glass. Whether consumed neat, over ice or as the underlying base for an exceptional cocktail, Elegance Vodka represents a new pinnacle for the spirit enthusiast. Elegance Vodka is an exceptional drink for both the experienced vodka fan and for the new drinker alike. Its smooth, filtered flavour lends itself to any number of possibilities.

    Can vodka really be made from grapes?

    Yes! Though many commercial vodkas are known for being produced from cereal grains such as wheat, rye or corn, as well as potatoes, vodka can actually be distilled from a huge number of different food products. The secret lies in having high sugar and/or starch content — grapes feature a significant sugar content, which is what initially led to them being so readily used in wine. However, it also makes them an ideal choice for producing vodka. After the initial fermentation, much of vodka’s distinctive character emerges as a result of distilling and filtering. Impurities are removed and the alcohol content is boosted, creating the final product in the process.

    What percentage of alcohol is in Elegance Vodka?

    Elegance Vodka features an ABV of 40%.

    Do I need to drink my Elegance Vodka straight away?

    No. Elegance Vodka can last several years in the bottle before it’s opened for drinking. However, it’s best to store it at room temperature — or ideally, slightly cooler. Heat or sun exposure can both cause evaporation and oxidation, so make sure that wherever your elegant crystal bottle is stored, it’s kept out of direct sunlight.

    What are the best ways to enjoy Elegance Vodka?

    Vodka’s versatility and relatively neutral taste make it an ideal introduction to the world of fine spirits and liquor, but it’s by no means solely for new drinkers. Vodka has developed its own rich history, legacy, culture and passionate fandom. Accordingly, Elegance Vodka features an ultra-smooth taste which results from being distilled 11 times and then filtered four times through charcoal. This makes it an ideal drink for on the rocks — but it’s also the perfect basis to create high-end mixed drinks and cocktails for yourself and your friends. We encourage you to experiment with your Elegance Vodka, trying out classics such as the Screwdriver or Cosmopolitan and discover which style you enjoy the most.

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