Return Of The Quarantini: How To Happy Hour At Home

Ah lockdown; we meet again. Like a good fraction of Australia, many of us are using our time at home to retreat to the kitchen, upskill our cooking and mixologist skills, spring clean and binge watch reality TV. So whether you’re looking to shake things up at your next Zoom cocktail hour or you just want to raise the spirits of the person you’re quarantined with, having a smart cocktail setup at home will never not be cool.

Twisted Shaker Cocktail Bottles

A well-crafted cocktail takes you places in a way that a beer or wine simply doesn’t. Few of us are booking a trip to New York or Mexico anytime soon – but a lip-smacking Cosmo or Margarita will make a rough-and-ready mental teleportation device. Furthermore, if cocktails evoke the trips we can’t make, they also evoke the people we can’t meet. They’re like a comfort food; reminding you of those Friday nights spent sipping fancy concoctions at cosy bars with atmosphere and hustle. So, build that home bar rig for yourself, invest in good ice and glassware; the quarantini is making a winter comeback.

Enter: Twisted Shaker Cocktails; the newly launched quintessentially crafted recipes and twists on classics. Hand-crafted in Sydney to be perfectly balanced, all you need to be is shake, twist, pour. The range of bottled cocktails make happy hour at home easy with none of the hassle involved in having to make them from scratch. After all, cocktails can be a daunting prospect; there’s no need to be equipped with the ability to juggle bottles or carry out tricks within your own home. Designed to be served straight from the bottle, it’s bar-quality drinks made simple.

Suited for both long-time cocktail connoisseurs and those new to the world of mixed drinks, the range consists of an Old Fashioned, Cucumber Gin Gimlet, Raspberry Hibiscus Cosmopolitan, Vodka Espresso Martini and Tequila Margarita. All flavours are available in both a 200ml (3 standard drinks) and a - perfect for sharing - 700ml (11 standard drinks). For cocktails with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and delivered to your door nationwide, it’s happy hour indeed.